Our Solution

Our Solution

At Engage1, we believe in our promises of real savings and quality outcomes for clients.

The first step in moving forward is to know where you are at. We will work with you to undertake a business process review (called Business Process Re-Engineering) to look for opportunities to:

Engage1 has a dedicated finance consultant who is experienced in change management issues. Our consultant will work closely with your team to identify any potential change management issues, and work through them with you to ensure a smooth process with high quality and timely results.

We understand that whilst many businesses are happy to re-work their processes to enable a fully integrated ICS model, others like to retain significant control over their day-to-day back-end processes. That is why Engage1 offers the option for businesses to train their own dedicated team in Delhi themselves. We are still able to provide the integrated finance and IT hosted solutions to facilitate the quick and secure access for overseas staff, but you can train them exactly how you require. We can recruit the staff for you or you can even be a part of that process. You can be as hands-on and involved as you want.

At Engage1, we understand how critical it is to have secure data and IT systems. That is why we ensure no data leaves Australian shores. Using the latest in cloud technology, our overseas team will “remote in” to access data on our secure and local hosted servers.

Engage1’s ICS solution allows you to:

Still not convinced? How about a trial?
We challenge you to find one of your most complex jobs and have Engage1 complete it. You will then see just how well the whole process works and how much you will save.
Why don’t you talk to one of our extremely satisfied clients who would be more than happy to testify as to the success of the Engage1’s Import Contracting Services model.